I put this to the jury – how can you not be charmed by Zooey Deschanel as Jess Day in New Girl on Fox? (Albeit, loving Jess is basically loving Zooey as they seem an awful lot alike.)  Even the opening sequence on the show is perfect. Though it’s changed from the pilot, I’ve finally grown to love it more than the original.

It comes together quickly, as a fun (original) little song (by Zooey D herself), and it’s creative. When TV shows don’t have opening titles at all it can be disappointing. But the super long ones (meaning, more than 20 seconds) can be drawn out, and people tune out of watching. (Dexter is a fun show, but I am tired of that long opening sequence!) So this is the best of both worlds.

Jess strolls around in a handmade village of blue houses and an orange sky. And as she’s in her own little world, the three men in her life try to help her out with the rotating sets. She’s blissfully aware of any problems, and forces them to get on board. Which is a lot of what the show is about.

We get a nice close-up that shows us just how much hair envy we should have, and always makes me reconsider the idea of bangs.

And then she’s strolling again. There’s birds. There’s a thing that you put the money into…what is that called? Money taker machine? Yea, that’s the name. I usually just throw silver dollars at them and walk away.

And, oh – I almost forgot, she also manages to let us see her in bed! (Scandalous!)

The entire thing ends with the first image you saw in this piece. And of course we’re gonna let you watch it! Here’s the video: