Are you prepared for all of the drama, partying, smushing, and GTL that Jersey Shore Season 2 (UNCENSORED) will bring you and your loved ones? Jersey Shore Uncensored: Season Two is being released on DVD on December 28th!

I was able to review a copy of this DVD set in advance. Obviously, the first people I informed were my parents since they still haven’t gotten into this amazing reality show yet. I mean, get a clue parental units! Well, to my knowledge my Mom still has not seen an episode. However, I’ve gotten my Dad to watch two episodes – so far. He’s realized what all of America has realized…The Jersey Shore is just plan fun to watch. To be a fan you don’t have to live the actual JS life (I’m certainly not tan, trust me).

I can’t explain HOW it happened, but I know that Jersey Shore is now a cult classic in our pop culture. And after a couple episodes, you start to understand why it’s so popular.

Snooki, The Situation, Pauly D, Vinny, Sammi, Ronnie, Angelina and JWOWW went to Miami Beach for season 2 of this hit MTV series. In season 2, Snooki and JWOWW pair up to try and help their friend Sammi. There’s lots of girl politics which is hilarious. Snooki looks for love in the form of “gorilla juiceheads,” Angelina acts like everyone doesn’t hate her, and the boys actually all focus on sex AND romance more than the girls.

I may not be copying Snooki’s poof, or any of the fashion styles that JWOWW barely wears – but there are actually some key components of the show that I find really likable. Let’s bullet point this:

  • The family element. They have a tradition of Mike (and others, sometimes) making a family dinner and all eating together. There are a lot of actual families that don’t even do this anymore. It’s really important to grow up with that, and as you get older you start to miss it sometimes! During these meals, Mike will often say something about how it doesn’t matter what crap they’ve been through, they’re a family at the end of the day. And this forced interaction encourages a cease fire on confrontation. It makes these guys come together and be peaceful for a moment. Also, Snooki may fight Angelina in season 2, but it was because Angelina was destroying their family!
  • Enjoy life! They don’t take things seriously and in this way, they are role models for how to approach life. Would I take a life-coaching seminar given by The Situation? Totally. No, really. These guys all have the right attitude. As part of the show, they all have to attend work and get in trouble if they flake. So it’s not as if they don’t have any work ethic. But they also know what’s important. And have you seen them now? They’re totally ambitious and into marketing themselves to make money. You’re gonna tell me that’s not smart? (Mike “The Situation” has his own iPhone App for GTL!)
  • Bromance. The bromances are epic. What the guys do in this “tribe” is so unique and funny. It goes beyond a bro code. The character of Brennan in the show Bones actually thought this was a documentary and thought it was fascinating to watch.

What did I hate about season 2? I’ll be honest. Sammi may be the prettiest girl on the show (aside from Angelina) but she is my LEAST favorite character along with Ronnie. They represent the ultimate stereotype of the couple that make up/break up a hundred times a week. Sammi and Ronnie are annoying as hell! Sammi is also a horrible role model for women, the least interesting character without her romance drama, and I still can’t feel bad for her for being SO dumb. That’s how annoying she is. Meanwhile, Ronnie is the cast member most prone to fights and even ending up in jail. They really are the two worst role models on the show. And it’s not that the show needs to have role models, it’s just that the other characters are a step above this nonsense most of the time.

A new season of the Jersey Shore premieres on Thursday, January 6 at 10pm ET/PT on MTV.

There are four disc’s included, with 13 episodes (uncensored, which they weren’t when they aired) and special features like cast interviews and the reunion special. The reunion special wasn’t so great for season 2 as it was for season 1, however the real juicy stuff is in the After Hours shows.  The After Hours has some Jersey Shore season 2 deleted scenes. (Juicy stuff about Sam being confronted by Jenni in the shower to talk about Ron giving her STDs.)


· Reunion Special

· After Hours

· Cast Interviews

· GTL: Miami

· Extended Scenes

· New Season Sneak Peek

Jersey Shore Season 2 DVD Release Date: 12/28/10. Released by Paramount Home Entertainment.

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