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For a designer who had one of the top three designs the first week, was anyone surprised when Ping Wu got the boot this past Thursday on Project Runway? While she had interesting ideas floating in her scatterbrained head, we were never convinced she was qualified to be on the show as anything more than to add some interest to the variety of entrants. For her first outfit (seen above) the judges thought she was innovative. I just thought she was sloppy. But still, with potential.The red top looked like it had some potential, sure. But maybe that was all an accident.

ping potato sacks

Ping’s second look was much more structured (it’s hard to be drapey with burlap!) and it failed in a major way. She was in the worst three looks of that episode. Which was well-deserved, considering we saw the behind of the model. What’s interesting is that an idea she said about cutting out an intricate necklace pattern into the burlap, as part of the dress? That would have been really cool. But she ran out of time or changed her mind. I would ask of her, WHO wants to wear a skirt that makes you look like a robotic doll with hips like THAT? It’s like a bad caricature of a large-hipped First Lady who’s trying to be super eco-friendly.

project runway ping

Horrible design, horrible execution. I loved nothing about this dress. I don’t even feel comfortable calling it a ‘dress’. Ping should have focused on making a cape that you could swish around, while her team partner, Jesse, should have focused on the structured dress. I don’t even know if the dress is good because I can’t see it.

Final call: Does Ping Wu really have any design, or just a furious urge to drape fabric around things? I heard you can do that with sheets and furniture for free.

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