Did you know that Kristin Cavallari has a shoe line? Neither did I. But that’s one of her many accomplishments that she tooted last night as a guest judge and mentor on America’s Next Top Model. Of course, Tyra Banks would perform a tooch.  (re Booty Tooch)

When it comes to mentors, Cavallari is not someone I’d be excited to see. Even when Cavallari snuck into the All Stars house, I had to wonder if the cast was briefed beforehand about certain celebrities they might see, so that it’s not an awkward on-camera moment of “uh…why are you in our face, you’re not famous….” Luckily, someone remembered Kristin.

Photo: The CW

Before the model’s were questioned by Extra host Mario Lopez, they were afforded the chance to talk with Cavallari. Her advice was that even the bitch can have lots of great things happen to her. (“I was the bitch on Laguna Beach, I had a lot of haters.”) Even though Cavallari still has haters, this Reality TV Princess has a manager and publicist to help keep her image in check.

One of the girls had an interesting question about how you keep the longevity without going from reality show to reality show. (I believe it was Bre Scullark who asked this.) And the funny thing is that that’s all Cavallari has done. She’s currently on Dancing with the Stars! But she told them, “I think it’s about making smart choices and really knowing what you want your brand to be.” So, with the help of a manager and a publicist, we see the brand that is Kristin.

While Angelea waxed poetic as a talking head about how she’s exposed to all of these industry insiders, I waited for Cavallari to say something – anything – constructive and helpful. But she didn’t. And then she said she’s had so much fun, and left. Later in the judging, she didn’t really make an impact. For this little endeavor she was no help to the models, the show, or anyone but her and her brand. So are you gonna go buy her shoes, or what?