Is it impossible to be a fan of 30 Rock on NBC and also of Jersey Shore on MTV? Nope! We’re proof it happens. Although we understand how different they are. As if to hammer that point home, something interesting happened on Thursday night.

On Jersey Shore, the entire gang is still recovering from being in Italy for several months. Whilst there, they couldn’t GTL the proper way – and they couldn’t T (tan) at all. So they’re all going tan crazy. (We already noted how the Jersey Shore guys appeared more vain than the girls.)¬†Pauly D was especially keen to get his golden orange glow back. And he suffered for his impatience.

Because Pauly went tanning too much at once (“tanorexic” was a word used) he quite literally burned his face and his skin was peeling. The face? Red. And not just because of embarrassment. (Pauly seems like one of the only Jersey Shore cast members capable of still being embarrassed.) His face was burning and in pain. That’s how commited he was to being tan. On the other side of the spectrum, Liz Lemon (Tina Fey) is so pale she possibly registers as “invisible” in Jersey.

On 30 Rock, Lemon was in particularly high spirits for a couple reasons. And in one of her carefree-inspired moments she unzipped her hoodie to show Jack Donaghy (Alec Baldwin) that she was not wearing an entire shirt. Viewers got a view of her stomach. And it was pale, yes.

But there is no shame in being pale. (Celebrities like Anne Hathawa, Michelle Trachtenberg, Gwyneth Paltrow and Conan O’Brien have campaigned tirelessly to make porcelain skin accepted in the media!) And there can only be kudos for a woman willing to show off her stomach on network TV, especially if at that time she’d definitely already given birth once. (Did she have both kids before filming this? We don’t know. Probably.) And here’s the thing, it didn’t look bad. It was fine! Tina Fey has nothing to be embarrassed about. So we mean it with love when we say her stomach is as pale as Lady¬†Amalthea in “The Last Unicorn.”

Have the JS kids ever been as pale? No, they’d be terrified!

It’s interesting to note that while Fey had no problem showing her “situation” off, meanwhile Mike “The Situation” works on his abs frequently (and has named them) but will sometimes refuses to show his hyped-up abs because he’s saving them for “selective” moments.

Jersey Shore delivers funny moments, but most often at the expense of someone’s pride because they’re drunk and falling down while walking (it’s Deena. We’re talking about Deena. And Snooki.) 30 Rock scripts their funny moments and goes just as balls-to-the-wall. (Or did you not see the dance routine number last night?)

While Jersey Shore will never have to fear that 30 Rock has more viewers (which is sad) they will always have to fear the pale, pale skin of the immaculate Tina Fey. And that might just help you sleep better at night.