110458_D_1956Okay, I’m sure people who love the show will hate that I’m writing this. But who cares, I’m not the only person who hates this show. And you don’t have to read it. Sooo, move along. For those who are curious – let’s talk!

First, I want to say that I am in loooove with Michael Urie and Becki Newton, and they should have their own talk show. (Oprah IS retiring, after all. WHO WILL FILL THE VOID?) Their characters Marc and Amanda have always been the highlight of Ugly Betty when I did watch the show.   They even have webisodes, and I DID watch those. (Unlike most the actual show.)

  • Every other character on the show is annoying, predictable, and overly soap operatic.
  • Anytime I hear anything about lead actress America Ferrera it’s how she’s a diva and mean and a bitch. (Especially to Blake Lively who was a co-star in those Pants movies. Lots of people have searched on google for “america ferrera blake lively eye roll” or “america ferrera blake lively interview” or even “america ferrera diva”.) The show was put on hiatus by ABC, and word came out that it was to make everyone have a reality check and stop fighting – but that the root of the problem was Ferrera. The National Enquirer printed that an insider revealed, ““Everyone on ‘Ugly Betty’ needs a break – but America is the root of the trouble” and that “Producers told her when the show resumes, she had better come back with a smile on her face and without the chip on her shoulder.”
  • They were going to make a TV version based on The Devil Wears Prada, but Ugly Betty came out and they axed the other idea. I would have liked the other show! Bitches.
  • EDIT:  Some of the fans are rude and kind of crazy. But that goes with just about anything in this world.

VIDEO: At 3:41 you will see how as soon as Blake gets a chance to talk America is fidgeting, looking uncomfortable, not smiling like Blake was for her. This is not the interview with the infamous eye roll to Blake – that was on The Soup, I believe.VERY INTERESTINGLY, everywhere that video was posted it has now been removed from YouTube. Maybe Ferrera’s publicist did something. Because there are other random clips from The Soup on YouTube – it’s not like the show would go after just one specific clip. In Ferrera’s defense, maybe she did have jealousy issues (but saying that Ugly Betty is a better show than Gossip Girl is dumb because they are both soap operas with dumb plots) and maybe she’s since grown up. Still, hiding the evidence is petty.