Dollhouse fans can smile today because Fox Home Entertainment is releasing Dollhouse season 2 on DVD and Blu-ray on October 12th. And head’s up for the hardcore fans: if you pre-order the Dollhouse DVD at Comic Con 2010 you’ll get a limited edition lithograph (of what? no clue!) All we know from Fox is that it is, “a very cool very limited lithograph.”

You can certainly pre-order your copy of Dollhouse season 2 from Amazon, but we do not think you get the rare lithograph. Here’s hoping you have your Con tickets already – because that sucker is sold out!

Fox Home Entertainment tweeted yesterday: “more #SDCC #dollhouse news coming soon re: @MoTancharoen @jedwhedon.” Exciting stuff, guys.

Pre-order Dollhouse season 2 on DVD

Pre-order Dollhouse season 2 on Blu-ray

Dollhouse Season 2 (Fan-Trailer)