Happier times for House and Cameron. Did Cameron become a bitch when she went blonde?

Happier times for House and Cameron. Did Cameron become a bitch when she went blonde?

I felt preeeetty conflicted at the end of the most recent House M.D. episode, which was entitled Teamwork. Cameron left – and she left like she’s never left before! It was a proper send off (with softly sung ballad and everything) so I doubt they’ll bring her back except for a very special occasion like the end of the series. (Gasp, it can never end!)

Cameron has always wanted to change House, to heal him. But he didn’t want to upgrade or adjust. Just as in real life, House has only changed when he decided to do it for himself. He never respected Cameron enough to change just because she told him to. (Although he did respect her in other ways.) A lesser man might have have given in, but the change wouldn’t be authentic. Does this mean House is a strong man because he’s stubborn? Hmm…I don’t think I mean THAT. All I really have are questions. (And questions about my questions…)


Was Cameron the angelic moral compass that we now don’t have on House? Or was she more like one of those Christians who hate gay people? Too self-righteous for her own good? Did she lose the fight with herself in trying to be so good, or did she lose the fight in trying to make Gregory House care more than he ever could? And if House could change, could become more snuggly – would we ever really want him that way? That’s not why we fell in love with him. Have you wanted to change him this entire time, or have you been content? Were you worried that this season he’d be too different to be the same House you’ve loved the past several seasons?

Saddest Departure, Part 1: While we knew Cameron was leaving Princeton-Plainsboro on House, we weren’t expecting her departure to be so emotional. Cameron tells House, “I loved you and I loved Chase. I’m sorry for what you’ve become because there’s no way back for either of you.” Her words paralyze him. With a chaste kiss on the cheek, Cameron is gone. – TV Guide

In the end, Cameron finally admitted that she had loved House. It didn’t feel as satisfying to hear as I always thought it would. Maybe because when she admits it, it’s after she no longer does. As Cameron leaves us, it’s hard not to feel a bit abandoned on a personal level. Her departure makes us ask a very important question about House. Even after his time healing, is he still a prickly cactus who is inherently and significantly damaged? That glimmer of hope for mental health and stability – is it gone? And if it is, should we feel happy? It’s  enough confusion to make you listen to a sad little song over and over. I suggest Where Did you Go by Jets Overhead. It was the song at the end of Teamwork. I’ve listened to it four times so far. Damn good tune. I might not have the answers for how to psychologically profile Cameron or House, but I do know good music when I hear it.

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