Nota won The Sing-Off, beating out The Beelzebubs (who Ben Folds appropriately said were “what every parent hopes college boys are like”. Maybe you didn’t watch the show (and I can’t entirely blame you for that, I actually stopped watching halfway through the second night) but I’ve picked some of my favorite performances for you to watch. No commercial breaks, just fun singing. Embrace the fun. A Capella can be cool.  …Yes it can!

Nota singing “I’m Yours” (Original: Jason Mraz)

Nota singing “Down” (Original: Jay Sean)

The Beelzebubs singing The Who medley

Noteworthy singing “Viva La Vida” (Original: Coldplay)

Continue the A Capella journey…  Ever wonder if life was a musical?

( Photo credit: ajawin on Flickr.)