Don’t worry if you forget who was eliminated, or what made them memorable – we’ve got you covered.

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Sorry, but SOME OF YA’S GOTS TO GO. Photo: ABC (Awesome tagline: all us.)

The Bachelorette 2014 Elimination Recap – Who was eliminated last night?

Bradley Wisk (opera man – said he showed who he was and was vulnerable but that, “it wasn’t good enough” he also said, “I love to be loved, and I love to love. I really want it.” TEARS happened. Tears in a pink shirt. He had very little composure), Brett Melnick (lamp guy – said he hadn’t opened up enough) and Ron Worrell (his friend passed away so he left early. We are very sorry for him. Especially when the camera’s were following him as he got the news, and he was swatting them away.)

The first victim: Brett Melnick

Age: 29
Occupation: Hairstylist
From: Westminster, PA

What he said…
“You know, I came here with an open mind, open heart. But… I was shy, nervous, and y’know, maybe if I opened up a little more I maybe woulda had a better chance of getting a rose tonight.”

Why he was probably eliminated for real?
He was kind of dry, even when he had that lamp gimmick for his limo introduction to her. Cute, but there was nothing that greatly sparked with Andi. It was more of a mercy killing, not having him stick around, but there was also nothing personal about the dismissal. (Which, sometimes, is the most you can ask.)

Second victim: Bradley Wisk

Age: 32
Occupation: Opera Singer
From: Holland, MI

What he said…
“I put myself out there, I showed her who I was. I was vulnerable, and it wasn’t good enough. I love to be loved, and I love to love. I really want it, you know. …Just to go home, be by myself. I just…oh man. (Tears.) Sad, you know? (An actual tear dropped.)

Why he was probably eliminated for real?
There was nothing wrong with him that viewers saw, that is, until maybe the outpouring of emotion for his exit interview. He simply didn’t have the humor or chemistry to connect with Andi. He shouldn’t have taken it so personally, or been so shocked. (The pair had not bonded.) We do wish him luck, though. He just needs a different kind of girl.

Note: Ron Worrell eliminated himself.