Who was safe and who was eliminated on Dancing with the Stars 2012 last night?

dancing with the stars 2012

It came down to Gavin and Karina, then Martina and Tony. They were the bottom two for this week.

But who danced their last dance?

Martina said she hoped there would be a next week.

Gavin was hard on himself and his dancing and he said he’d improve if he stayed. But of course it wasn’t up to what he said, it was up to the votes.

For week 2, the couple with the lowest total was Martina and Tony. She took the news with a brave smile and a hug to her couple, then Gavin. The audience went to their feet as a tribute to her.

There are eleven more couples who will be dancing on DWTS 2012. We cover them on Small Screen Scoop and we hope to see you here on Monday!