Who shot Nancy Botwin?! It’s the BOOM heard round the TV universe. Weeds season 7 literally ended with a bang. Or is it more accurately described as a boom? I’m not really a gun aficionado so I don’t know the right terminology. But can I just say: OMFG.

At the end of Weeds season 7, we see that Nancy and her sister have moved to a giant estate in Connecticut. Jill’s daughters are there. Stevie is there (hi, Stevie!) Andy and Doug are there, although whether they both live there is unknown. We see Shane and Silas, although Nancy tells Silas he doesn’t have to stay there. So… it’s a whole new little family. And they seem happy, for once. Andy made Jill compromise. And we all took a collective exhale.

Until we saw a red dot on Nancy’s forhead. But that turned out to be a laser pointer from one of Jill’s kids. Whew.

And then. When you think you’re safe and we’re going to rest easy, we see that someone is hiding in the bushes, looking through the crosshairs of a gun, at Nancy. And then we hear the shot after the screen goes black.

Did Nancy get shot? Is it possible the person was only looking at Nancy but aimed at someone else? Sure. But that would be a bit of a cheat. Nancy Botwin was the likely subject. And if the person made their shot, then Nancy.. is dead? Except, that isn’t possible. But maybe she’s maimed. And this all leads to one big question:

Who Shot Nancy? Or Who Hired Someone to Shoot Nancy?

  • Jill Price Grey – We have no shortage of suspects. We can rule out the people sitting at the table with her…or can we? Any one of them (cough, Jill, cough) could have hired a hit man. Would Jill really want her sister dead? …Maybe. And then she’d get the whole compound, and Stevie to herself.
  • Esteban Reyes Daughter – She never liked Nancy.
  • Peter Scottson’s Son – Another who didn’t like Nancy.
  • Celia Hodes – Maybe she’s had a nervous breakdown, or discovered a talent for weaponry?
  • Isabelle Hodes – She had a bad childhood.
  • Heylia James
  • Cesar – He actually might be dead, I forget…
  • Lupita – Because the Botwin’s can’t get rid of her
  • Guillermo Garcia Diaz – I googled to double check, and it appears this character isn’t dead.
  • Emma of Pouncy House – She wants retribution, yea?
  • Zoya
  • Dean Hodes – He seems pretty forgiving, but he is under the impression that his ribs were broken because of Nancy.
  • Dimitri
  • Jill’s Husband

Who do you think shot at Nancy?