During Vietnam week, Juan Pablo eliminated not two, but THREE women.

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Photo: The Bachelor ABC on Twitter

Who Left the Bachelor Last night? The Bachelor 2014 Eliminated…

Who was eliminated on The Bachelor last night? Kelly Travis, Danielle Ronco, Alli Restko

Why was Danielle Ronco eliminated?
“Danielle who?” They spent no time together. She wasn’t willing to be forceful in the way you have to be to play this game.

Why was Alli Restko eliminated? She just stopped being a frontrunner, and Andi is now the token brunette with long, straight hair.

Why was Kelly Travis eliminated last night? We all know that the boggled-eyed girl with the dog (Molly!) was mostly just along for the ride at this point. She and Juan Pablo had no chemistry, and no time to develop any. She didn’t seem interested in pursuing him, being more interested in talking with the girls about drama and rolling her eyes. Her time was always ticking away. And it finally..ticked its’ last …tick. Go home to Molly and be grateful you have such a cool dog, Kells.

The Bachelor 2014 spoilers! We think that you should pay attention to: Cassandra Ferguson, Chelsie Webster, Nikki Ferrell,  Clare Crawley, and maybe not Sharleen Joynt anymore…

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