Who's Your Daddy? For Boris it's Miss J Alexander

Who's Your Daddy? For Boris it's Miss J Alexander

America’s Next Top Model runway diva coach and judge is also a Dad. That’s right,  Miss J (J. Alexander) has a kid! I didn’t see the Tyra show today (I have a longstanding tradition of not ever watching this), but TVGuide.com says that he revealed this info on The Tyra Banks Show.

The confession came about because Alexander has a new book called Follow the Model which is about his child, Boris. It’s a cute title for the book, I think.

“A French lesbian had asked if [my ex boyfriend and I] would be sperm donors,” Alexander revealed on The Tyra Banks Show on Tuesday. “So we did a little test tube.”

Hey, more power to him! I can’t believe he kept the secret for seven years! But since I have you here – can he PLEASE stop with the stupid puffy sleeves in the ANTM judging room? It’s not cute anymore.

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