Did you know you can easily remove beach sand from your feet by sprinkling baby powder on them? Suddenly the beach feels like an easy trip!

We’re big fans of infomercials for various degrees of entertainment, but the recent one for the Who Knew? book actually proved informative. And if we could learn this much just from the teasers, imagine how much you would learn from the full book!

Ever since seeing this, we’ve put our perfumes in the fridge, cayenne pepper on our garden flowers, and reheated pizza in their great suggested technique! Life has never seemed so easy. Here are a few Who Knew? book tips that we can share with you.


Perfume lasts longer in the fridge. (Related: make perfume last longer)

Whiten teeth with crushed strawberries and baking soda (leave on 5 mins.) (Related: how to whiten teeth at home fast and free.)

Keep pants dark by washing them inside out. (Related: best way to wash dark jeans.)

Cut drying time in half by putting a large dry towel in your dryer with wet towels. (Related: dry things quickly, how to dry things faster)

Clean baseball caps in the top shelf of dishwasher (Related: how to clean baseball caps)


Make apples last longer by storing them in the fridge. (Related: make apples last)

Store popcorn in freezer and every single kernel will pop. (Related: make popcorn kernels pop)

Tomatoes are better out of the fridge. (Related: best way to store tomatoes at home)

The best way to reheat pizza is on a non stick skillet, on medium heat. (Related: best way to reheat pizza)

Ants will eat cornmeal and die from it. Get rid of ants naturally by putting out piles of cornmeal. Safe around kids and pets. (Related: get rid of ants naturally)

Cut up an apple and put it in car, then it will absorb smell of smoke in a car. (Related: get smoke smell out of car)

Put a dryer sheet in your pocket to keep mosquitoes away easily. (Related: keep mosquitoes away)


Clean suede with pantyhose. (Related: how to clean suede)

Fill measuring cup with hot water before measuring peanut butter or honey. It will slide out. (Related: how to measure peanut butter)

Make jeans softer by putting a tennis ball in washer. (Related: make jeans soft again)

Use a chalkboard eraser to get fog off windshield. (Related: How to get fog off windshield)

Clean a vinyl shower curtain by soaking it in salt water before hanging it up, then it won’t mildew. (Related: clean shower curtain liner)

Get sand off your feet at the beach by sprinkling baby powder on your feet. (Related: get sand off feet)


Keep squirrels away from your garden and plants by sprinkling cayenne pepper on plants. (Related: keep squirrels away from garden and bulbs)

Get rid of the new paint smell by putting vanilla into the quart of paint. (Get rid of new paint smell)

This may not be so important anymore. Open a sealed envelope without tearing it by freezing it for two hours. (Related: open a sealed envelope without tearing)

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