As much as TV entertains, it also annoys. Avid TV-watchers know this far too well. Lucky for you, we also like to make lists!

GOSSIP GIRL has compiled a list of their Top Ten Most Annoying Characters on TV. I don’t actually agree with most of their list (I love Jim and Pam, man!)…but I definitely-super-totally agree with one of their picks. And that selection would be…Vanessa “The Totally Pointless” Abrams on Gossip Girl. She’s even more annoying to me than Jenny, and that’s saying something (in bold, flashing lights of neon orange).

Vanessa doesn’t really serve any grand purpose as a character on the show, she’s only tied to Dan after all, and Jessica Szohr isn’t exactly Kitty Hepburn in the acting department, so we’re really not sure why she’s not only still on the show, but been given a far bigger role this year. We suspect it has something to do with the fact that she’s the only person of color in the otherwise lily-white cast. –

Admit it, who on TV drives you bonkers?