With just one more episode left for Juan Pablo to tell us how everything, “es ooookaaaay” we only have two women left.

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‘The Bachelor’ 2014 last night – TV Recap – See how Andi Dorfman is NO Clare Crawley

Who is Left on The Bachelor 2014

This means, of course, one woman will for sure be devastated. It’s possible a Brad Womack will be pulled, and Juan Pablo won’t pick either woman. In which case, both women will be devastated and we have other possibilities for The Bachelorette other than Andi Dorfman.  (Also, he has to just pick one because there is no sister wife deal happening.)

Clare Crawley has a surprising enemy | The Bachelor 2014 recap from last night

Clare Crawley

You know her as the one who Juan Pablo slut-shamed after “swimming in the ocean” with her. We fashionistas know her as the girl with her gold bar necklace.

About Clare Crawley – quick facts

  • She lost her father to brain cancer. She misses him a lot, as they were very close. And he made a video tape for her future husband, which even she hasn’t seen.
  • Has been very possessive over Juan Pablo, and is very prone to jealousy.
  • Her hometown date didn’t go very well, thanks to one of her older sisters.
  • She works as a hairstylist.
  • She lives in California.
  • She got out of the limo with a fake pregnancy bump.
  • She has two tattoo’s.

Do you think Clare Crawley and Juan Pablo will sail off into the sunset together?

Nikki Ferrell gave a PSA on The Bachelor’ 2014 last night! | Hometowns!

Nikki Ferrell

This is the one who works with kids for a living, but also seems like she’d never be happy as a Mother.

About Nikki Ferrell – quick facts

  • Part time model
  • From Kansas City, Missouri
  • Pediatric Nurse
  • Has already met JP’s daughter, Camila, and his ex, Carla.
  • A big fan of BBQ

Do you think Nikki Ferrell will win the ring?

Will Clare Crawley be engaged, or will Nikki Ferrell be engaged? Right now, it’s either one’s game. Be really, do you think you know who gets engaged to Juan Pablo? Let us know in the comments – that’s what they’re there for (your voice to the Bachelor Nation community!)

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