Listen, if Gossip Girl ever decides to unveil the mystery of “Who is Gossip Girl?” with some phooey “It’s all of you!” blame the victim nonsense of saying that they’ve all propagated the blah blah blah – people are going to be more mad at this show than hardcore fans of Lost were at the end of that enigma ridden joyride. Because there has to be a brainchild behind who is running the site, funding it, organizing, etc. There is no automated robot that is programmed to do it all, okay? So, writers, don’t even try to fly with that excuse. I don’t care if GG runs for 10 more years, there is not technology or logic to support you on this.

elizabeth hurley

Elizabeth Hurley as Diana Payne on Gossip Girl Season 5. Yawn. She even wears the same "I am a powerful woman" solid colored sheath dress in every episode. Oh, I'm sorry. This dress has an embellishment. I was so wrong. (I do love the shoes though, but only if those are bows. If it's just a flat, modern detail, then it's less appealing and reminds me of those old Barbie Shoes that never stayed on the dolls.)

Now, with that said… is it odd no one seems to care who Gossip Girl is? Not so much. In fact, it saves our main characters a lot of time in trying to track each other down, or get free publicity. If Perez Hilton said he was going to start including you and your fanfical love affairs on your site, you’d soon start to get used to the fame of it all. Hello, that’s how Reality TV shows basically operate. But we all have curiosity – Schrodinger’s cat reference goes here (no, I am not a science brainiac I just watch a lot of The Big Bang Theory.)

Now, more than ever, seems like time for the scheming minds of the Upper East Side to figure out who’s been playing them all these years. We know they have the money and power to do it. With Diana Payne’s launch being stopped mere seconds by a thoughtfully timed Gossip Girl update that would have dammed the site if it went online, it seems like either Gossip Girl was in that room, or he/she/they have a mole that was in that room. Either way, Gossip Girl is more present than ever.

The person with the most to gain from taking down Gossip Girl? Diana Payne. Elizabeth Hurley is annoying n the show as this character, partly because I can never remember if her name is spelled with a “z” or an “s” but mostly her general presence and cougar style seduction of Nate is petty and we’ve already been there and done that with this show.

Either way, this character benefits greatly from taking down/out her competition. But I’ve a sneaking suspicion that as this plot continues she’ll go too far, and Blair, Chuck, Nate, Serena and Dan (plus, definitely Charlie/Ivy) will be siding with Gossip Girl’s Style of what I’d almost call “Friendly Fire” over Diana and her earnest agenda to ruthlessly expose NYC secrets.

So what do you Non-Upper East Sider’s Think? Do you even care who Gossip Girl is anymore? And if so, what are your best current theories on who that could be? Hit me with your most inspired ideas and you might see them featured on the site.

You Know You’ll Love My Gossip Girl Review Later, Right? (I have major thoughts on Blair’s hair these days.)