It’s the big question for everyone without jazzy plans tonight… Who is hosting Saturday Night Live tonight?

melissa mccarthy snl

Melissa McCarthy hosts SNL for the second time, tonight.

Now, just so you know, I don’t judge any of you without plans. I encourage being a homebody more than going out…clubbing, or whatever it is people are doing these days. (I think they still go clubbing, but might not call it that? I guess going to a bar is at least decent…) Anyway. Oh, right! The topic. Who’s on SNL tonight? It’s Melissa McCarthy.

You know her from Mike and Molly (CBS) and Bridesmaids. She previously hosted SNL in 2011.

McCarthy was on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon and talked about the crazy quick change of costumes that takes place on SNL.

So make sure to tune in tonight!

– Andy Holdeman has a great open letter to NBC about what he hopes will happen. It’s definitely worth a read.
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