Well, there’s simply no show for White Collar if Neal Caffrey stays in jail (not that Prison Break didn’t have its merits.) And the show? It kinda has to go on (not just because there’s a popular phrase that tells us it much, but because the legions of WC fans that would flail and have to watch reruns of season 1 forever).

White Collar Exclusive Advance Withdrawal Review

So, it’s not exactly a White Collar exclusive spoiler to say that Neal goes back to work with Burke. And back to work he does go (hi ho,hi ho! He’s much cuter than a cartoon dwarf.) In the White Collar season 2 premiere episode, “Withdrawal,” Neal helps the FBI with their excessive bank robbery problem. See, there are bank robbery problems, and then there are bank robbery epidemic’s. Someone by the alias of “The Architect” has been robbing major banks, and people hate when you steal their money. (You don’t want to learn that life lesson the hard way.)

“This guy is amazing…Dallas was good, Chicago was a work of art…” – Neal
Boston?” – Burke
“I still don’t know how he did Boston.” – Neal
“Really? We better figure out how, because I don’t want to add Manhattan to that list.” – Burke

Neal’s not exactly working with a clear mind, considering what happened to him in the White Collar season 1 finale (re: BOOM). As Mozzie puts it to very clinically to Burke, “As you may imagine, he’s a little curious as to who may have killed Kate.” And that’s really putting it mildly. Neal’s even got a plan. I’m not saying it’s a good plan, but it’s sure a plan.

“He’s not exactly forthcoming. Kate’s only been dead two months. No one can snap back that fast.” -Mozzie

“Are you telling me you two aren’t looking into what happened at that airport?” – Peter
“The question was, ‘How’s he doing,’ not ‘What is he he doing.’ – Mozzie

Meanwhile,  because Caffrey and Burke are under so much scrutiny, they better do well with keeping all of the Manhattan banks safe. No pressure!

I can’t say much more without giving away big spoilers, but the ending of this premiere is going to MAKE.YOUR.JAWS.DROP. Whoa. Holy skittles in Neal’s fedora, now that was not what I saw coming.


– Willie Garson hops fences so cutely. I want to build him an obstacle course full of low fences.

– Mozzie wants a new nickname. Psh. Do not do it, Moz! Oh, can we call him Moz?

– Embossed business cards are classy.  All I’m sayin’.

– Guess who’s brazen? …No, really – you have to guess.

– Matthew Bomer looks good playing golf. File this under: obvious but still worth mentioning.

– Questions about Contemporary Russian art? Never random.

– Who wouldn’t love New York when Caffrey is bumping into you?

– “Yea, that’s within my radius.” – Neal

– Banter, banter, banter, love the Caffrey/Burke banter.

–  “We’re make a pretty decent team. … C’mon, the infamous Caffrey and Burke? We’d be legends!” – Neal

– “Are you using a voice changer? … You’re using a voice changer?!” – Burke

– There was some amazing directing going on in this episode with two different park bench scenes. It’s tough to pan the actors the way they did, keeping up the energy without making anyone dizzy or bored. This is also a credit to the two actors in these scenes who play the words to awkwardly-hilarious perfection. Oh, you thought I’d tell you who the actors were? You already know. OR DO YOU?

– Burke, we’d surely read your novel!

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