We got some pretty cool flashbacks in the White Collar season 3 episode “The Dentist of Detroit.” The episode focused on Mozzie, who is a cool dude indeed. (Even if we’re upset that he stole all of that art…)

White Collar Review Highlights for “The Dentist of Detroit”

Danger is his Middle Name

While being brave faced, sometimes the things Mozzie says are still comical and full of false bravado. I love when Peter told him he was in danger and Mozzie replied, “I live in danger, suit.”

Hunger Strike

We got to see the new, all-glass interrogation room that Tim DeKay mentioned when I interviewed him earlier this year. (We also got to see the Burke kitchen, something else he mentioned we’d see. I get the scoop, yo!) Mozzie was all riled up to be held there, and he was shouting things about hunger strikes and why the caged bird sings. This was another perfectly comical bit from Willie Garson.

Lil’ Orphan Moz

The first flashback we get shows us an orphaned baby Mozzie with big black glasses, laying in a bassinet on church steps. Treated to a montage of his younger years, you can’t help but wish you could time-travel to be his friend back then.

A Terrifying Truth

When asked why Mozzie picked the moniker of “The Dentist” he replies that for his age, that was the scariest thing he could think of. And I can tell you, the dentist doesn’t get less scary as you get older. I’m always flossing too much or not enough or too hard or…ugh. It’s exhausting. The dentist is like the parent you’ll never please!

One Smart Melon

Using some items he demanded earlier, Mozzie is able to recreate a trick from Ferris Bueller’s Day Off and make the Suit watching him think he’s sleeping. This involved Mozzie fussing about how he needed a fresh melon, and how he “can’t sleep without partaking of melon!” Oh, I love him. Don’t you love him? I know you love him. Who couldn’t love him!

No, Tell Me How You Really Feel

When Peter and Neal improvise their con to have Peter firing Neal, they actually start airing out their real trust issues with each other. Peter also insults Neal’s hats. It was a good, cathartic release for them both. I think.


Mozzie grew up with a bear named Mozart. From his old friend, Jeffries, we learn that Mozzie could never pronounce “Mozart” and would call him “Mozzie.” So that’s the origin of his name. And I just realized that “Mozart” is kind of tricky to say, because you feel like there’s a “t” in there, but there isn’t.  I wonder if the White Collar writer’s have planned this from way back, or simply lucked into the position to use it.

So, what did you think of the episode? What was your favorite comical moment?

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