Whenever I settle in to watch an episode of White Collar I know I’m safe in having high expectations. So, you can only imagine what happens to me when an entire season of episodes is released on DVD. …I basically disappear down a hole with a bunch of Diet Coke and mango sorbet, yes. And then I just enjoy my time with the boys and girls of WC! And soon, you guys will be able to be the same. So, why not let me be your tour guide?

White Collar season 3 is a 4-disc set with all 16 episodes of the season. There are also plenty of special features that fans haven’t yet seen.

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White Collar Season 3 DVD Extras:

Gag Reel (Disc 4)

There’s a prom photo pose with DeKay and Bomer! Guys! Gang signs, fake mustaches, misbehaving umbrellas, fly dance movies, fake tantrums, etc. Love it. You’ll watch it more than once.

Deleted Scenes (Disc 4)

Audio Commentary on “Judgement Day” (Disc 4)

Matt Bomer, Tim DeKay, Jeff Eastin, and Willie Garson provide commentary on this season 3 finale episode. Hear them sing, discuss how to pronounce “fondant,”  learn how Willie Garson reads the White Collar scripts (“blah blah blah blah Mozzie, blah blah blah Mozzie) and plenty more amazing banter. Listen, this is a fan’s dream. And if you want White Collar trivia, it’s best to hear it straight from these guys’ mouths. It’s priceless. I love hearing how they interact, and what their stray observations (and confessions) are.

Here’s one White Collar trivia piece: The actual FBI likes the show and will now let them use the real FBI seal in White Collar season 4. (White collar Season 4 spoilers, oooh)

I know plenty of you guys come down hard on Hilarie Burton, but having had a chance to talk with her – I could never do that. And the men on the commentary are also big, big fans of Burton. Even of just her eyes. (Which are really pretty.)

Interrogation Room: A Trivia Challenge with the Cast (White Collar Trivia) (Disc 1)

Listen Garson, you cannot get out of this with Kardashian jokes! (But we enjoy them.) The cast quizzes other cast members on trivia from the show.

Jeff Eastin @ddicted (Disc 2)

This was an amazing fake documentary about how Eastin loves Twitter.! “It’s been three and a half minutes since my last tweet.”

FAKE EXAMPLES from Jeff Eastin:

  • #Mattbomer is so pretty! Just stop talking!
  • @TAThiessen I know you are, but what am I!
  • @WhiteCollarUSA #WritersRoom is so boring! #NERDS
  • #WillieGarson looks tall in dailies. Haha! #applebox
  • I never saw ‘One Tree Hill.’ Did #HilarieBurton play the tree or the hill?
  • @TAThiessen just belched! It was an Elizaburp! #getit?
  • No @TimDekay! We won’t do a #crossdressing episode.
  • (Note: It took a while to write these all out, so please drop me a comment if you enjoyed this review and what it had in it! Even false flattery works!)

Also contributing are: Matt Bomer, Hilarie Burton (downright hilarious in this!), @Powell_Channing (Channing Powell) @CampJim45 (Jim Campolongo) @TaThissen (Tiffani Thessen) @TimDekay @Henderson_Joe (Joe Henderson – who does great fake crying) @Marsha_Thomason (Marsha Thomason) @LexiMC (Alexandra McNally) @SharifAtkins (Sharif Atkins.) (Psst Find him at @JeffEastin) This is a FUN cast and crew.

White Collar Season 3 on DVD is available on June 5, 2012 from 20th Century Fox Home Entertainment.

Disclosure: DVD provided by Fox.