White Collar season 3 returns to USA Network soon, so we’ll spill a few spoilers for you. But nothing too damning, we don’t want the wonderful Jeff Eastin coming after us unless it’s for a hug!

white collar checkmate

White Collar returns with the episode “Checkmate.” Tim Dekay, Matt Bomer, Willie Garson, Marsha Thompson, Sharif Atkins and Tiffani Thiessen star.

Your quick recap of where we left off… Neal had just decided that leaving with Mozzie and the Nazi sub art would be a bad idea, but then Elizabeth was kidnapped by Keller. Moz is gone, and Peter is P’O’d!

@donna_k11 – @ThisJessicaRae So how are things btw Peter&Neal at the end of the ep? I want them to be friends again and put whole treasure mess behind!

I would say that Peter and Neal will eventually always find a reason to be a bit unsteady with each other. You’ll see what I mean. You really will.

@suebsg9 – @ThisJessicaRae do we get an el and peter reunion?

I can’t say that. But you will for sure be reminded of how STRONG their love is. (Please note my emphasized word! Another hint: Small Screen Scoop’s Jessica Rae writes for two other sites. One of the words in one of those domain names will come into play. Well, technically three words from both sites. Can you fill in the blanks? Elizabeth? ____ ____, she makes use of a ____.) Of course, you still will have to watch to see how this unravels!

@ScottOrston – @ThisJessicaRae Will Moz face some consequences for his actions (stealing the treasure, hiring hitmen?)

Interesting question. Another interesting questions is – how do you find someone who’s gone invisible?

Will Peter be able to forgive Neal?

I won’t answer this for you, but I want you to start thinking about putting yourselves in Peter’s shoes. Could you forgive Neal if your wife had been put in danger because of him? You need to consider this now, because by the time “Checkmate” ends, there will be even more Peter and Neal relationship dynamics to think about.

Will Sara show up?

Hilarie Burton is great on White Collar, and having had the chance to talk with her before I find her super, super, crazy endearing and sweet. I’m happy to say that I am 74.8% certain we’ll see her again before season 3 ends. As for when that’ll be – you, again, have to watch to see! This is also my personal appeal for all Sara haters to open up their hearts.

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