White Collar season 3 is marching forward like…well, cool things that march (ants? toy soldiers?). And everything has been high caliber – molto bene. But sometimes even I (jaded TV girl that I am) have to pause in order to  honor something so clever that it will be inspiring* me for weeks on end.

The White Collar episode “As You Were” focused on Agent Clinton Jones (Sharif Atkins.) Giving him the spotlight was great fun. (I tip my hat to you, sir.) And while Jones got a pretty fun action scene in the episode (his poor plasma TV, oh no!), there was an action sequence in the episode that I responded to even more. It was the action sequence closer to the end of the episode.

Now, while I may not know the technical terms, the weapon used was some kind of monster cross bow with a laser aimer thingy. Add that to a chase in incredibly contemporary building of all white architecture paired with large glass windows, and the dashing Neal Caffrey (Matt Bomer) fleeing the scene in a daper white Naval uniform (again, there may be a more technical term for this, I apologize to those snubbing their noses at me.) Getting clever (and making it work within the plot – because a gun would have alerted the FBI right away) with the weaponry choice and incorporating a “costume” (it was a costume for our character) really got my attention. And in the end, Jones even got to save the day.

And now I’d like to know, what’s your favorite White Collar action scene? It can be from any season.

*Don’t get the wrong idea. It doesn’t inspire me to go buy a lethal cross bow. But it did inspire me to play my Wii bow and arrow while listening to really loud, energetic music. And if I’m being completely honest, I was also pretending I was Sydney Bristow (Alias) all the while.

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