Bringing you guys an advance review of the White Collar midseason premiere is such a treat, because I know how dedicated the WC fans are.

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Now, I could go spoiler crazy, but that would be an injustice to the show and the hard work done by the cast and crew – so I’m not going to answer questions like “What happens to Mozzie?” Trust me, they’ll address that issue very early on in the episode, which, btw,  is called “Burke’s Seven.”

I’ve watched “Burke’s Seven” twice now, and earlier today (the day I’m typing this) I had the extreme pleasure of talking to actress Hilarie Burton who plays Sara Ellis on White Collar (and who has a nice part in the returning episode.) There is no way I could be more excited to write up this review than having just come off a call with Burton, because she had infectious energy and a joyful spirit.

marsha thompson white collarSpeaking of Sara, I’m not someone who dislikes her character. In fact, in the returning episode I really enjoyed the bonding that Sara does with Neal. Some of it was sexy, but some of it was playful – like they were showing off their bag of tricks to the other. I can’t help wondering if Sara is still hoping to nail Neal about that painting he “allegedly” stole. If I could plead anything, it would be to not hate on Sara! The character is able to soften up in this episode, although that doesn’t mean she’s suddenly lovable and cuddly.

Peter basically gets a CREW in this episode, which is hilarious. It’s great fun to see Peter loosen up. What else is fun? To see Peter riding a horse. The writers are so smart…they always set things up, so you’ll realize how it is he even knows how to ride.

The film editor also gives you a couple really nice visual clues that you’ll realize are important later on in the episode. I love when a show is created and expects you to be smart. For “Burke’s Seven” you can actually solve one of the first mysteries in the episode before the on-screen reveal, if you’re paying attention! (I don’t want to say anything too spoilery, but it involves Peter’s office.)

white collar burkes sevenWhat else… Well, you’ll get what I believe is your first look at Neal’s safehouse, which is a really cool looking place with lots of tumbled white marble. I’m wondering if we’ll see more of this place, not as in more times, but as in more of the actual space and what all is there.

With this midseason return, White Collar explores the gem of the ensemble, and I’m so glad they did. While there is a great deal of strength in the Burke/Caffrey dynamic, it’s also very rewarding to see all of our players working together. It’s crazy FUN.

tim dekay horseThe episode has a few “OMG” cliffhangers, and opens up chapters to plenty more questions. (Just what the show needed, haha. But don’t fret – some questions also get answered.)  When I spoke with Matt Bomer and Tim Dekay last week they both said that the White Collar season 2 finale blew them away, so this is all building up to something crazy-amazing. (Like you’d expect anything less from Jeff Eastin et al?)

White Collar returns on January 18th on the USA Network. Recruit your friends, parents, and local dentists – tell everyone this is a show you highly suggest they watch. They’ll be thanking you for much longer than the amount of time Neal was in prison. And once they watch, they’ll get that reference!

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