Ready for more White Collar quotes? Plenty of them are funny!

white collar season 2 poster

White Collar Quotes: Season 2 Burke’s Seven:

“I have never appreciated your distrust in me more.” – Neal

“Catch yourself cheating yet?” – Peter

“He’s a Nigerian prince.” – Peter
“I thought those only existed in spam e-mail?” – Neal
“He’s like Superman without his powers.” – Neal

“It’s code for…do some digging…” – Neal
“Does Peter KNOW that’s what it means?” – Sara

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“Welcome to the other side.” – Neal

“I’m in, Jr.” – Sara

“I like having Neal Caffrey owe me one.” – Sara

“Do you want to prank call Peter?” – Sara
“Absolutely.” – Neal

“I can scare him.” – Diana
(Significant pause) “I know.” – Neal

“Could be dangerous.” – Peter
“Could be fun.” – Sara

White Collars airs Tuesdays on the USA Network