Here are some funny White Collar quotes from the season 2 episode “Forging Bonds.” We get to hear what Neal’s nickname was, the name of Mozzie’s pigeon, and Neal snubbing a suit!

white collar peter mustache

“A few secrets are good, Peter. Keeps the mystery alive.” – Neal

“Full immunity, for anything you say from this moment until the sun rises.” – Peter
“Full immunity?”- Neal
“Did you kill anybody?” – Peter
“No.” – Neal
“Then full immunity.” – Peter

“James Bonds.” – Peter

“Lose the stache?” – Peter
“Yea, sorry Magnum. I still love you.” – Elizabeth

“I don’t know.” – Neal
“Never say that, know everything!” – Mozzie

“I don’t know if I’m a suit guy…” – Neal

“Every con has an expiration date.” – Neal

“You have to understand, this comes from a highly unreliable source.” – Mozzie
“Where is she?” – Neal
“His name is Jimmy the Snitch.” – Mozzie

“Did your pigeon die?” – Neal
“No, Estelle is fine.” – Mozzie

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