white collar pic

Oh, Neal. What are we going to do with you?

There is no doubt that Tuesday’s premiere of USA Network’s White Collar is one of the most anticipated premieres of the season. Episode 8 of the series, “Hard Sell” picks up after one of the most epic cliffhangers USA has ever seen, leaving fans of the show dying to know if Peter Burke is the honest man we had all been lead to believe he was. The good news is – you won’t have to wait for long!

But of course, nothing comes too easily in the land of television revelations, so the episode does not kick off exactly where we left our boys Neal Caffrey and Peter Burke. Instead we are introduced to this week’s big FBI project – an underground Boiler Room operation that specializes in stock scams (Jonathan Tucker guest stars as the head honcho). During the first ten minutes of the show you may find yourself wiggling in your seat in anticipation to see more interaction between Neal and Peter, but you’ll be thoroughly entertained by seeing how Neal’s sly cunning translates into telemarketing when he goes undercover. “Life comes down to a few moments, Mr. Fairweather. This is one of them.” – Who could say no to a line like that!? Oh, Neal. What are we going to do with you?

One of my favorite parts of watching spy shows are the interesting electronics they use. During Peter and Neal’s antics with the Boiler Room Boys (as I like to call them), we are introduced to some handy new gadgets that have never been seen before on the show. One is a mini-breather device that holds 5 minutes of oxygen and fits easily into a fancy cigar case. The other is a super nifty recording device that looks exactly like a pen – sure, it’s a classic idea, but still a goodie.

In a painfully clever way to bring the overall story arc back into the forefront, Peter is forced to go undercover alongside Neal, and the two of them find themselves immersed in a situation full of double-faced, sneaky sons-a-youknowwhats. As the story unfolds (aw come on, we can’t tell you the whole thing!) Peter and Neal cope with a wide range of underlying tensions, especially as Neal is forced to repeatedly trust Peter despite his suspicions about Peter’s involvement with Kate’s kidnapping.

So far, White Collar has proven to know what the fans want, and “Hard Sell” is no exception. Each week is kept fresh and interesting with a new case for Neal and Peter to solve, and the underlying hunt for Neal’s long-lost love, Kate, continues as pieces of the mystery are revealed bit by torturing bit. While I have been sworn to secrecy regarding the fall finale’s cliffhanger, I can assure you that “Hard Sell” is full of hold-your-breath suspense, and when the awesome hour of TV comes to a close you will have answers to many of your questions. Of course, you’ll also have a whole slew of new questions to ask…