Tonight on White Collar is the highly anticipated flashback episode! It’s titled “Forging Bonds.” In the episode, Burke decides it’s time to interrogate Neal a bit. He has beer (and cheap wine) and he wants to have a late night chat about Vincent Adler (the dude with the fractals!) But to tell the story, Neal will have to get into how he first met Mozzie, and even how he first met Kate.

white collar forging bonds pictures

The story is told through flashbacks set 8 years ago. Can you believe that Neal and Mozzie only met 8 years ago? And Neal…his hair is so floppy. And he wears plaid! I mean, this is a man with no direction! But what can we say about Mozzie? He had a toupee and a goatee!

Think that’s the only bad facial hair we see? Peter used to have a total magnum mustache.  Mm, classy!

This White Collar flashback episode shows a great acting range for Matt Bomer. Pay attention to how he is in the flashbacks in regards to how he plays cons now vs then (with less confidence.)

Like any good flashback, there’s lots of familiar faces. There’s also funny uniforms. White Collar fans will surely enjoy this nostalgic episode.

White Collar Trivia: The little boy in the park with Mozzie is Willie Garson’s actual son!

White Collar Season 2 Spoilers: What will I say? Just a few phrases! Fake police. Find the lady. Bad mock acting. Suit up. Meet Jones!

Forging Bonds Synopsis: With the mastermind behind Kate’s death uncovered, Peter and Neal explore their pasts to gain answers. Check out “Forging Bonds” guest-starring Andrew McCarthy, Gloria Votsis and Alexandra Daddario, Tuesday, January 25 at 10/9C!

White Collar Quotes from this episode will be posted tomorrow on our TV blog!

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