Our White Collar Episode Guide of Season 2 is here to assist you in trying to remember, “okay, which episode was that with the….” types of questions that rattle your brain at night. And if you’re wondering in which episode Peter Burke (Tim DeKay) rides a horse it’s episode 2×10 – “Burke’s 7”! And if you’re dying to get a spoiler on in which episode Neal Caffrey (Matt Bomer) sings with Diahann Carroll that’s episode 2×13  – “Countermeasures.”

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White Collar Season 2 Episode Guide / White Collar Season 2 .5 Episode Guide

WITHDRAWL (201) Season 2 Premiere
AIRDATE: July 13

Peter is being questioned about Neal and the exploding plane. Neal ends up in prison for “trying to escape” and Peter says they can put the deal back on the table, then two months later he’s helping the FBI trying to catch some bank robbers, while that is going on Peter and Mozzie are trying to keep Neal’s mind off Kate. Neal is trying to figure out who stole the music box from the FBI. Meanwhile Diana (Marsha Thomason) and Peter are trying to capture Fowler, and at the end Diana has the Music Box in her safe. Guest stars Tim Matheson.

TV Blog notes: This is actually the first episode of White Collar that Small Screen Scooper Jessica Rae ever watched.

AIRDATE: July 20

Neal goes undercover as a political “fixer” in order to bring down a corrupt politician. Diana and Peter’s lead brings them to an unidentified man who escapes their pursuit. It is also revealed that Peter had Diana keep the music box’s location hidden even from Peter himself. Neal begins to suspect that Peter is investigating the plane explosion behind his back.

AIRDATE: July 27

Peter sends Neal back to school after someone copycats one of his old schemes. Alex returns with some bad news. Diana discovers the music box is hiding something. Peter and Diana set out to find the missing key, which is the last piece of the music box that Alex gives Neal before leaving for Italy. Aidan Quinn guest stars as a criminology professor.

AIRDATE: August 3

For the first time in his life, Mozzie must turn to the FBI for help when the person of his affection, a waitress from a local diner, Gine Destefano, disappears. Mozzie uses cryptic clues, often references to book texts, left by Gine to find and rescue her, which evolves to a case involving a man under the FBI’s radar for quite some time.

TV Blog notes: Mozzie’s safe house was amazing, no?

AIRDATE: August 10

A routine bond theft escalates into an attempted murder when Neal is unknowingly hired to kill the assigned insurance investigator, Sara Ellis (Hilarie Burton), the same woman who testified against him regarding his alleged theft of a Raphael painting a few years back. Meanwhile, Neal and Mozzie investigate the jet’s wreckage, concluding that the jet was rigged to explode midair, but was detonated early by someone. They manage to have the cockpit’s voice recorder sent to the insurance company Sterling Bosch, under the care of Sara Ellis. After taking the impostor who ordered the hit on Sara, Neal tries to recover the package from her apartment, but was interrupted by an assassination attempt by the real Mr. Black, who was subsequently stopped by Peter and his team.

IN THE RED (206)
AIRDATE: August 17

The arrest of a jewel thief leads Peter and Neal toward a much more heinous extortion case against adoptive parents. Mozzie breaks into Sara’s apartment and recovers the recording, only to have it taken back by Sara and her detectives in a search of Neal’s apartment. After teaming up with the mob, Peter and Neal take the adoption lawyer to custody. Sara returns to Neal’s apartment after finding out what happened to Kate, and promises to help Neal with his investigation. The recording reveals that Kate called an unidentified person shortly before the jet exploded, which prompt Neal and friends to hunt down who was on the other end of the phone. John Larroquette guest stars as an adoption lawyer with a gambling problem.

AIRDATE: August 24

An FBI Agent is accused of selling witness locations during criminal trials, and the U.S. Marshals ask Peter and Neal for help tracking down the suspect. Peter winds up befriending the suspect upon discovering that the U.S. Marshal in charge of the investigation is actually selling the locations, and goes on the run with him trying to clear his name. Moz discovers that the mystery voice on the black box recording belongs to the still-in-hiding Garrett Fowler.

AIRDATE: August 31

Neal and Peter must go undercover into the world of corporate espionage after a tech company’s head researcher is murdered. Mozzie and Diana are put together to look over Kate’s murder, and Mozzie realizes that Diana has the music box and Peter knows where it is. Peter then shows the music box to Neal, and Neal reveals the key Alex gave him. Neal tells Peter, “No more secrets”, before opening the box. Griffin Dunne guest stars as the executive who killed the reseacher.

AIRDATE: September 7

The gang finds Fowler and finds out he is innocent. He is being blackmailed by the same person Peter has a patchwork picture of. Mozzie cracks the code inside of the musicbox. Before he can tell anyone, he is shot by an unidentified man who steals the code.

TV Blog notes: MOZZIE, NO!

When Peter (Tim DeKay) is suspended by the FBI for a crime he didn’t commit, he is forced to run a sting with Neal (Matt Bomer) and the gang to catch Mozzie’s (Willie Garson) shooter, and clear his name.

Guest starring Paul Blackthorn and Hilarie Burton

TV Blog notes: Talk about a great ensemble!


With the mastermind behind Kate’s death uncovered, Peter (Tim DeKay) and Neal (Matt Bomer) explore their pasts to gain answers. Neal explains the first time he met Kate (guest star Alexandra Daddario) and Mozzie (Willie Garson), and Peter details the circumstances behind Neal’s first arrest.

Guest starring Andrew McCarthy, Gloria Votsis and Alexandra Daddario

TV Blog notes: Flashbacks rock.


When the son of an American diplomat is detained in Burma for a crime he didn’t commit, Peter (DeKay) and Neal (Matt Bomer) delve into the exotic but dangerous world of jewelry smuggling to prove his innocence. But when the Burmese government roadblocks their investigation using diplomatic laws, Peter and Neal must find a way to use those same laws to their advantage.

Guest starring Paul Blackthorn


When an old friend (guest star Billy Dee Williams) of June’s (guest star Diahann Carroll) late husband – recently released from prison – shows up at Neal’s (Matt Bomer) doorstep, Neal suspects he’s looking for more than a trip down memory lane. As Neal knows firsthand, giving up the life of a conman is easier said than done.

Guest starring Diahann Carroll, Billy Dee Williams and Joe Sikora

PAYBACK (#214)

((Note: This is what was on the press page. Either this is a scarily similar episode to “Prisoner’s Dilemma” or we do not have the synopsis for “Payback” as of yet.)) An FBI Agent is accused of selling witness locations during criminal trials, and the U.S. Marshals ask Peter (Tim DeKay) and Neal (Matt Bomer) for help tracking down the suspect. But when Peter uncovers the truth behind the plot, he must protect his fellow agent from the Marshals until he can prove the man’s innocence.

Guest starring Ross McCall, Adam Goldberg and James Reborn


Peter (Tim DeKay) and Neal (Matt Bomer) must assume each others’ identities to uncover a collusion scheme that is causing blackouts in New York.

Guest starring Richard Schiff, Andrew McCarthy and Gloria Votsis

TV Blog notes: This one looks like it was really fun to film.


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