tv legends

Whenever you’re on Jeopardy (c’mon you’ll get on it SOMEDAY) you’ll find handy facts about TV legends handy. Which means that reading this post is the first step on the path towards winning a bunch of money on that show. How fun is that? Aaaanyway. is a website that is “a public access to the most comprehensive videotaped interview collection of its kind.” Vanessa Williams of Ugly Betty says, “What the Academy Foundation has done with is amazing.” Williams is the new face of the public service announcement made for the Academy of Television Arts & Sciences Foundation’s Archive of American Television. “I am proud to help spread the word about this incredible resource for TV fans worldwide” says Williams., the online home of the Archive of American Television, features revealing conversations with more than 600 influential figures that have shaped the television industry from its inception to present day, and includes little-known anecdotes, unique perspectives, and eyewitness accounts from top names in TV. The interviews can be watched in their entirety, or browsed by person, show, topic or profession.

It’s like the Super Wikipedia Network for American TV.