Do you fancy yourself a fashionable and sweet Jane Bennet, or more of a wild Lydia? Find out with this Lizzie Bennet Diaries Quiz! It’s based on The Lizzie Bennet Diaries web series, which we hope you’re watching as obsessivley as we are!)


TLBD was created by Hank Green and Bernie Su. This quiz is complexly unofficial.

You’ve been invited to a party. What is your reaction?

A.) “Party? I mean. Maybe. Is my sister going to be there? Should I go to keep an eye on her? Otherwise I might just hang out with my other sister and watch an 90’s rom com.”
B.) “Oh, duh, the party is actually MINE. But I’m totes glad to hear word’s been spreading! We are gonna ROOOOCK it.”
C.) “Where is it going to be? And who will be there? Well, I’m just a bit worried about all the variables… Are you sure I should go?”
D.) “PARTY, WOOT. Will there be some bangin’ babes there? I’m up for some one night only love.”
E.) “I do not find parties to be a worthy waste of my time.”
F.) “There is not enough beer to make that enjoyable, no thanks. I’m going to go read about my Zodiac sign now.”

How did you spend your weekend?

A.) “I edited one of my vlogs. Which near successes, even!”
B.) “I went shopping. And then did a shopping haul video! Did you “like” it yet?”
C.) “Baked cookies with my Mom, then helped my sister’s clean their rooms.”
D.) “Swam a bunch of laps, ate some pizza, ignored some girl’s texts, played some Xbox…”
E.) “If you must know… I streamlined the efficiency of a new app I’m working on.”
F.) “Read a book of collected poems by great British authors. Also ordered some liquid eyeliner from Sephora.”

Your Dad asks you to return an overdue library book, you:

A.) Accept, but complain to your friends. Then find a great book at the library, and forget you were ever annoyed.
B.) Put it on your desk and forget all about it to go hang out with friends.
C.) Drop all of your plans to go return it right away.
D.) Snort, laugh, and walk away.
E.) Agree, but not before recommended a far superior book for his next choice.
F.) Intend to return it but get caught up in reading it first.


What have you wasted too much money on?

A.) The Hunger Games trilogy in hardback. I want to be an archer now!
B.) Bold eyeshadows from MAC. They have Hello Kitty themes! Can you believe the adorbs?
C.) Some sweet ruffled camisoles from Anthropologie. On sale!
D.) Protein powder. But look at my arms.
E.) Black cashmere socks. Minimal and important.
F.) Band T-shirts. Go away. I mean, I just don’t want to be interrogated.

A friend tells you that their cousin was screwed over by their ex-boyfriend. You think:

A.) Well, just another reason to stay single.
B.) Totes sad. We should invite them out for drinks.
C.) Aww…that’s terrible… should we send a care package of some sort?
D.) Uh, why should I care? She was probably a bitch.
E.) I wonder if there is some way I can help the situation without revealing myself…I don’t need anyone to pat me on the back.
F.) I feel bad for them. I hope it doesn’t happen to me…

What do you hate?

A.) That smug guy who stares at me…with his beady eyes and beady nose…and how can a nose even BE beady? I don’t know, but his is.
B.) Studying! And school in general. I’m OVER school.
C.) Not being able to help someone.
D.) When a girl acts like she’s into me, then says she has a boyfriend and I won’t be getting any action.
E.) The state of our conflict with North Korea. F.) Social interactions aren’t really my thing. Because of all the people. And noise. And all the idiots.


Mostly A’s – You are LIZZIE BENNET (Ashley Clements) – You are outspoken and a good friend. But you may want to work on how judgmental you can sometimes be.
Mostly B’s – You are LYDIA BENNET (Mary Kate Wiles) – You are the life of every party. A wild spark! But you may want to work on being more responsible.
Mostly C’s – You are JANE BENNET (Laura Spencer) – You love to help everyone and see beautiful things. But you may want to work on speaking up for yourself more!
Mostly D’s – You are GEORGE WICKHAM (Wes Aderhold) – Listen, we don’t have many great things to say about you… Though, you do have nice abs…
Mostly E’s – You are WILLIAM DARCY aka Grumpy Cat. (Daniel Gordh) – You are reserved, intelligent and secretly passionate. But you may want to work on communicating how you feel in better ways.
Mostly F’s – You are MARY BENNET (Briana Cuoco) – You are a bit of a wallflower, who is often overlooked. Don’t be afraid to enjoy yourself more, and ask for what you want!