Don't mess with her. Unless you're Dylan.

Don't mess with her. Unless you're Dylan.

See how witty and clever I am by using trivia to make you think and broad your horizons? Oooh, my. I should have been a teacher, making the world better one snot-nosed little child at a time. But the fact that I think children are full of snot and sticky hands is kind’ve why I’ve stayed away from the whole ‘child’ thing. That’s why I stay here in my comfortable little places where I don’t have to put ugly art on the fridge, and no one uses my lip gloss to paint a mural on the wall. That? Is how I roll.

And Katy Sagal might be best known for being an actress, but she used to roll with Bob Dylan. She sang backup for Dylan until he fired her. Oops.

Katey Sagal: Dylan, Scars, and Tats (11/19/09) [3:08]

Katey Sagal talks to Jimmy Fallon about getting fired by Bob Dylan and her fake scar and tattoos on Sons of Anarchy.

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