You won’t be able to watch SNL episodes on Netflix or Hulu anymore. Sorry.


Broadway Video Entertainment and NBC Entertainment have partnered up and have announced that Yahoo! will be hosting all Saturday Night Live (SNL) archives from 1975 through 2013.  It will be exclusive, and will be the main platform for watching SNL. Which does not bode well for Netflix and Hulu users. Although maybe not forever. The press release states, “Archived “SNL” content will be removed from other video platforms and available exclusively on the digital hub for one year.”

The archives, which will be available beginning September 1, 2013 on Yahoo! will feature exclusive “SNL” content including:

●        A library of show clips from the 1975/76 – 2012/13 seasons

●        Select “SNL” musical performances

●        Making-of and behind-the-scenes clips

●        A selection of dress rehearsal clips

●        Yahoo! will also feature current season clips non-exclusively and has distribution rights for all clips outside of the U.S. non-exclusively

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