greek gods pic

I didn’t need a new obsession, but I was helpless against these Greek Gods.

Craving a new Web Series to attach yourself to? Consider O-Cast. It’s a mockumentary ( a la The Office) that answers the burning question: “What would happen if twelve Greek Gods fell to earth as wacky and diverse 2o-somethings who lived in NYC?” It’s fun to see the different personalities put into modern form and the acting and writing in O-Cast is seriously solid.

What’s interesting is that TV shows about Greek Gods never seem to work. Do you remember “Cupid” (the reboot that aired in 2009) or “Valentine”? Exactly. Both were canceled very early on. This is a hard concept to sell to audiences, even though so many people seem eager to love up on it. But what ELSE is interesting is that all of those shows were one hour dramas with comedy, but O-Cast is a shorter comedy and I think that works better. I wasn’t sold on the concept after just one episode – but I was still interested. Well, by episode six “The Pledge” I am totally hooked.

I think Ares is smokin’ hot, I love the dress that Aphrodite wears, am charmed by how Poseidon is goofy like Zachary Levi, have found some sentimental sweetness with poor Hephaestus, am stoked on how the actual mythology facts come into play, fear I am a bit too much like Athena, and love Apollo’s voice.

The entire website is graphically and technically put together very professionally, and I can’t wait to see what happens with this entire enterprise. As a self-proclaimed TV guru who watches a hell of a lot of TV, I would definitely watch this as a half hour comedy on a network.

Creators: Bryan Dechart, Anne Richmond
Cast: Jon Riddleberger, Peter Coleman, Andrews Landsman, Kate Kuen, Anne Richmond, Eddie Gutierrez, Heather Parcells, Alex Goode, Leah Johnston, Preston Martin, Tim Reinhart, Steven Medvidick, Erik Gullberg, Michael Eisenstein, John Boonin, Jonathan Hinman, Nicole Balsam