Hey lackluster TV schedule, what are you giving us to watch tonight on TV?

At 8 pm ET/PT millions of angry fans will be booing Bristol Palin on Dancing with the Stars.  This will be the 10th week aka the final week of dances. On Tuesday we’ll learn how far Sarah Palin has wielded her power by knowing whether Jennifer Grey, Kyle Massey or Bristol Palin has won.

For those who aren’t part of this DWTS madness there are new episodes of How I Met Your Mother (yay!), House M.D. (yay! Amber Tamblyn is rocking her new role!), Chuck (yay-ish) and Antiques Roadshow (eh.) The CW has reruns tonight, so don’t bother with 90210 or Gossip Girl.

At 9 pm there’s new episodes of Lie to Me, The Event, American Masters and Two and a Half Men. At 9:30 pm a new episode of Mike and Molly airs, and that’s roughly the same time when the inevitably horrible Skating with the Stars begins.