What if you could live on the moon?

dana davis

Dana Davis, shown here on “Franklin and Bash” on TNT, will now star in “High Moon.”

High Moon is the new Syfy drama that explores this question.

The cast includes Peter Macon as General Gale Lynn Winehart, Dana Davis as Yama Winehart, Jonathan Tucker as Stanslav Stavin, and Charity Wakefield as a guest star.

It is co-produced by Universal Cable Productions and Lark Productions. And the series is shot in Vancounver, BC.

Based on the novel, “The Lotus Caves” by John Christopher, this series is right up Syfy’s alley.

What is High Moon about? High Moon Synopsis

High Moon is an imaginative, out-of-this-world adventure series exploring what happens when Earth establishes colonies to mine the Moon’s resources and discover a new form of life. Chaos erupts in a genuinely emotional, humorously thrilling and always unexpected fashion as the colonists of the Moon race to uncover this life form’s powerful secrets.

High Moon is executive produced by Bryan Fuller (Hannibal) and Adam Kane (Being Human), Cary Granat and Steve Granat for Reel FX, Don Murphy and Susan Montford for Angry Films, and Louise Clark and Andrew Williamson for Lark Productions. Adam Kane will also direct the pilot written by Co-executive Producer Jim Danger Gray (Pushing Daisies) from the story adaptation written by Fuller and Gray.

High Moon Characters & High Moon Cast

Peter Macon – General Gale Lynn Winehart

Peter Macon will portray General Gale Lynn Winehart, a hard-as-nails American Army General able to kick the crap out of just about anybody. Possessing years of battle experience, he is not only savvy but cautious as he knows things are not always what they seem. He is intent on getting to the bottom of the explosion on the moon.

Dana Davis – Yama Winehart

Dana Davis will portray the cute, rugged, direct and charming Yama Winehart, daughter of General Winehart. She is also the first — and last — kid ever born on the moon. Pre-natal problems with artificial gravity mean she can never leave the moon, giving her a special connection with it and making her the moon’s first environmentalist.

Jonathan Tucker – Stanslav Stan Stavin

Jonathan Tucker will portray Stanslav “Stan” Stavin, a handsome and outgoing miner for the Russians. But there is more than meets the eye when it comes to this man.

Charity Wakefield – Eve St. John-Smythe

Charity Wakefield also signs on to the pilot for a guest starring role, portraying the smart and savvy Eve St. John-Smythe. Eve is British and has a rakish confidence that comes from being unfathomably rich. She is CEO of the world’s most profitable corporation and is responsible for opening up the moon by providing oxygen to the various countries there. This vision speaks to her fair-mindedness, but controlling who breathes and for what price is also a spigot the cunning businesswoman is happy to adjust to get what she wants. Her political posturing comes from her idealism, and ultimately what she wants is to make good on her family mission to make the moon accessible to everyone on earth.

Chris Diamantopoulos – Ian

Jake Sandvig – Marty