Don’t worry if you’ve forgotten what B26 is in relation to Pretty Little Liars. I’m explaining it below.

When Aria and Ezra first met (which insider fans have learned was a total sham!) this is the number of the song playing on that old timey jukebox. Later during the first season, Ezra published a poem about Aria. He titled it “B-26.”

PST! We have a NEW theory… Pretty Little Liars season 4 spoilers: Was Ezra’s poem – B26 – actually about ALISON?

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Ezra and Aria share a moment. (Photo from ABC Family.)

B26 Poem Meaning Explained

It’s a number.
It’s a song.
It’s a girl.

(Number of the jukebox song. The song was “Happiness” by The Fray. Aria.)

Pearl joy packed.
Gold falafel,
As though ice.

(Aria’s lips and smile. He cooked her falafel. When she’s upset she’s icy.)

It’s four-thirty.
Morning with
Phone calls.
It’s deaf mute.

(They met after school at this time. She called him but he didn’t pick up the phone.)

It’s cheap.
A foreign car.
Maybe bingo.
Lucky night?

(They can’t really be together in a full relationship in the open. They kissed in a car during the rain. Their relationship is like a game of chance, like Bingo. Sex if he’s lucky.)

Something says
It smells bad.

(So flattering Ezra. This means their relationship is actually wrong or bad for them. Or, that, to other people, they’d look down upon it. Other people are the ones who say (“says”) it. But they only smell it, meaning they don’t know exactly what it really is. They are only guessing from the outside.)

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