There’s a new show landing on the Style Network called What I Hate About Me. The show claims to offer, “brutally honest expert advice and practical tips to help women who are trying to gain confidence and improve their lives.” Sounds pretty good to me. I was granted an advanced look of the screener for this show. The makeover aspect of this show isn’t just for the person, it’s for anything – like if you hate that you live in a ugly bedroom!

Each episode features one woman and she explains ten things she really hates about herself (or her life), and the show helps her take on these challenges to fix/change them. While the title of the show sounds kind of…discouraging – the show is not like that at all. The idea is that anything you don’t like about yourself CAN be changed. It’s inspiring.

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What I Hate About Me is different from so many other makeover shows… it’s edgy, heartwarming, funny and informative all at the same time,” says Salaaam Coleman Smith, President of the Style Network.

In the first episode you see a woman deal with her facial hair, boring white walls she can’t paint in her apartment, writing thank-you cards, splotchy arms and much more.

The host of What I Hate About Me is Lisa Arch, and each episode also has other experts to help Lisa and the woman solve the different dilemmas. The episode I watched made me feel empowered to tackle some of my own problems that I hate going on in my life (I totally hate the way my bed looks and I hate my own white walls, arghh!)

Do you hate your boring shoes?

Do you hate not understanding your cat?

Do you hate trying to figure out trends?

Do you hate not knowing what British TV shows to try?

Do you hate your dry skin?

Do you hate missing episodes of 30 Rock and need a quick catch-up?

The message of the show is clear: be confident and live the happy life you want.

Check out the show on the Style Network on January 2nd at 9pm ET/PT.