Many of you have caught (and remembered) a little hidden gem from the ‘American Horror Story: Coven’ that aired tonight on FX.

American Horror Story Finale Spoilers are below. You HAVE been warned.

UPDATE: The e-mails do bounce back. Alas!

american horror story coven

Is Cordelia’s e-mail real? How badly do you wish you could go to a school like that? Well, I’d love to. So, naturally, I e-mailed her. It’s, and it was published on the “news” in the episode. (With note about Lizi Minnelli’s hip.)

In the finale (“The Seven Wonders”)of AHS Coven, we learned once and for all who The Supreme was. As things unfolded we thought it was going to be awful Madison…but, no. IT was her royal blood all along. (In fact, it was the reason her Mother hated her so much. Apparently.) Our supreme is Cordelia.

So, after I e-mailed Cordelia (I told her that we should talk. I’m sure I have potential to be a wicked sorceress.) While I haven’t recieved an auto-response (which would have been freaking awesome of FX, Ryan Murphy and Brad Falchuk to do,) I haven’t gotten any bounceback. Meaning, the address IS real. But I guess they didn’t plan to do anything fun with it.

Try e-mailing and see if you get anything:

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