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Guidettes just wanna have fuuuuun.

I hate the MTV show Jersey Shore, but it DOES have an odd appeal where if I have nothing else pressing to watch I sort of secretly enjoy making a sandwich and curling up in bed to watch those Guidos and Guidettes.

Something that really bugs me is that when Mike “The Situation” and Nicole “Snookie” were on The Tonight Show and Snookie said her future goals were just to get her own reality show. Instead of wanting to grow up to be doctors or princesses, now little kids are going to start saying that same thing. “I want my own reality TV show!” And that’s horrible.

Aaaanyway, time for more news. Dominos Pizza, American Family Insurance and Dell have dropped out as sponsors for the show. But that’s old news. Psh. The situation (no pun!) has become so serious that lawmakers are trying to get it pulled from the air.  The New Jersey Italian American Legislative Caucus cites the Jersey Shore as a “wildly offensive” show that is all you know, bad! New Jersey state Senator Joseph Vitale sent a letter to MTV’s parent company, Viacom, requesting that Jersey Shore be canceled right away. Since that’s doubtfully going to happen, Jersey officials are urging others to boycott the show.

While many Italian American’s are speaking out against the show, there’s actual Italian Americans on the show. If seems to me that there ARE people like this – especially since I’ve met a self-proclaimed Guido before. It’s not just a stereotype. I don’t see people trying to get The Hills canceled for promoting bad valley girl stereotypes. And they can’t – because that’s true too. Personally, I like getting an insight into a small sub sect of culture I hadn’t seen much of before.  (Source of facts: TV Guide)