What happened to Jefferson? Did he run away or did he get back to Fairytale land down the rabbit hole of that (possibly magical) hat? Let’s share our Once Upon a Time theories with each other.

If he’s (Sebastian Stan) sent back to Wonderland, or fairytale land, he’s trapped there all alone. But does this mean he’ll be part of who helps break the curse?

And even once everyone else is there, Will Emma (Jennifer Morrison) remember to save him from the Queen of Hearts? Otherwise, he’s going to be stuck making hats in Wonderland forever. (As far as we know, that is is unhappy fate.)

Even though Emma might hold it against him for kidnapping her and Mary Margaret, we think she’d want to help the Hatter after she realized he was telling the truth. Plus, wouldn’t you want to help a fairytale character that came to you? (Maybe not the wolf, but surely Cinderella!)

What do you think happened to Jefferson?