I’m strongly¬† in favor of a season 8 for Weeds. And if you’re not, allow me a few minutes to change your mind.

Although there is some truly fantastic debate going on about who shot Nancy Botwin over on another post on this tv blog, I’ve also heard people say that they gave up watching Weeds years ago. But Weeds didn’t ‘lose its touch’ after the family left Agrestic in the season 3 finale. No. That’s just where the journey started. I mean, how long can you survive in the suburbs, really? Agrestic played its part, and it was time to move on. To stay there would have been predictable, and Weeds has prided itself on not being predictable. Do you want to watch a boring TV show? I certainly don’t. When I felt Bones getting boring, I cut it from my TV schedule. No mercy! (Okay, I was kind of sad to do it.) But my time is precious, and I’m here to be entertained. And maybe save the planet or something, if I get to that part later.

Weeds season 7 took place in NYC. I would say this wasn’t its strongest season, but I’m adamant in saying that even the weakest season of Weeds is worlds better than what other TV shows deliver on a weekly and yearly basis. (The Playboy Club needs to be axed. It just does. And 2 Broke Girls is on the bubble, as far as this TV critic is concerned.)

Let’s have a little review. Before the Botwin clan was in NYC they were in Copenhagen (and jail). Before that, they traveled the United States. Before that? Mexico! Before that? The Seaside! This is a family that travels. And now, at the end of Weeds season 7, we find the group in Connecticut. (It is a shame they never made it for Pittsburgh. …Yes, I get nostalgic just like the rest of you!)

For the people who are mad when Weeds changed location at the end of season 3, stop looking to the past and honing in on a barrier you can’t forgive. Realize that the show has been going on anyway, and doing pretty terrific things. The talent on the screen and off the screen is tremendous. My personal shoutouts have to go to Justin Kirk (I have a crush, yes – but he delivers his lines with admirable precision), Mary-Louise Parker (she’s a powerful female heroine, even if she makes mistakes), and the writers. (Extra special shoutout to Jenji Kohan, one of the few female showrunners, Stephen Falk, Victoria Morrow, Brendan Kelly, David Holstein, Carly Mensch, Rolin Jones, Matthew Salsberg, Roberto Benabib, and Ron Fitzgerald) Just as the on screen talent never fails, the writing never, ever fails. Weeds is a damn quoteworthy show. Usually my favorite things about the episode are just a list of quotes or dialogue exchanges.

Nancy is a bit more dangerous and selfish these days. Andy is a bit more mellow. Shane is … well, he’s no less troubled. Silas is angrier. Doug has kept up his status quo of being a lucky son of a bitch. And I don’t want to have this ride stop. Weeds season 8 should happen, not just because we’re all dying to know if someone shot at Nancy or killed her, or whatever the hell happened in that last scene… but because the chances of finding something as good as Weeds to replace it are slim. Don’t begrudge the show for the fact it has has twisted and turned and changed about. Yes, not all of the beloved characters we knew in earlier seasons are with us (Conrad, Celia) but that’s an accurate reflection of what happens in life.

Maybe Gilligan’s Island shouldn’t have worked off the island, but the Botwin’s are an all terrain family.

Weeds Season 8 – May we all be blessed with it! C’mon Showtime.

Who Shot At Nancy Botwin? Leave your guesses here. Winners get bragging rights. What did you think of the Weeds season 7 finale?