We’ve garnered a few exclusive Weeds season 8 spoilers for you Small Screen Scoop readers!

weeds season 8

Weeds Spoiler # 1: Despite whatever speculation you’ve had, the shooter in the bushes has never changed from who it originally was. But it’s possible that they were not shooting at Nancy. Everyone sitting at that table had enemies. Most importantly: the gun really was fired and it will likely not miss. So there could be a death right at the start of Weeds season 8! But do you think it’s Nancy (Mary-Louise Parker)?

Weeds Spoiler # 2: There will be a new style to the opening credits. We don’t know much more about that, other than it’s going to make a big splash.

Weeds Spoiler # 3: It’s possible that Weeds season 8 is the last season. And if it is, the writers do have an idea in mind for how they’d ultimately like to end the series. It was almost used for the Weeds season 7 finale. But no one’s spilling what that final scene will be.

Weeds Spoiler # 4: Shane will continue his police academy storyline in Weeds season 8. The big question here is if his corruptible ways will influence others, or will he straighten his act up? Maybe he’ll start shopping at Trader Joe‘s, wearing TOMS shoes and growing organic tomatoes, you never know. (Although that sounds more like an Andy thing….)

Weeds Spoiler # 5: Nancy’s sister, Jill Price-Grey (Jennifer Jason Leigh) will factor into season 8 quite a bit. Which means her creepy twins will probably also be around. Yikes.

These Weeds spoilers were taken from our exclusive Stephen Falk interview, read the entire piece for more sizzling intel.