Do not read this review until you’ve seen Weeds season 8 “Red in Tooth and Claw.” Spoilers below.

nancy botwin

Here are my thoughts on Weeds “Red in Tooth and Claw.”

  • I loved the callback to when Nancy had a fold-out chair for watching soccer games. I think even the oranges were a callback. And I’m a nostalgic bitch.
  • Shane does not understand women and their menstruation. Is this because he missed so much school? But I love how much he is trying to make things work with this girl. He obviously cares, and is a little insecure about it. I had to think for a second if he’d ever had done anything sexually… but yea, back in that little coastal town with those girls (one of whom was played by Jillian Rose Reed, now on MTV’s Awkward!)

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  • The blanket fort with Stevie and Doug was sweet and weird. I like forts. More people should build forts.
    Jill and her extreme couponing is way too true-to-life of a lot of real people. And it’s like a drug, I bet people get addicted to it… the high of tricking the system and getting free things.
  • Kickbacks in youth soccer? It’s the same ol’ suburbia in New England for the Botwins!
  • Andy knows a lot about biology and the names of animals. Re-incarnatory dues… it’s very Buddhist of him. But he really thinks his life is easy and good now? Poor guy.
  • I couldn’t believe the balls of those Suburban Dads, asking Stevie be put in the goal, right in front of Nancy. Racism in the suburbs is very real, but it’s usually not so blatant.
  • It was such a good insight to learn why girls are interested in Andy – he really does obsess over women. He values them. Andy’s the best guy a girl could expect. Except that he’s obsessed with Nancy. So… he’s the best guy Nancy could expect, which makes it odd that she doesn’t want him. Maybe because she just wants to be independent, and Andy is not her uh, kind of man (Judah was built!) Honestly, there’s gotta be a lot of reasons why Nancy doesn’t like Andy enough. And the first reason has gotta be because of how available he is to her. Which is messed up, but it’s how things go. (And Justin Kirk just has charisma, so there’s also that. Women like charisma.)
  • Jill is wearing pigtails. And later she’s in the giant shirt… my God, she’s regressing! She wants to be a child now that she’s living with her sister again.
  • SHE SCREWED DOUG? Ick! But good for him! Someone should be there to give him a high-five.
  • Nancy has balls to use a neighbors pool without asking. The kind of balls I will never have. So I envy her of that. Her balls.
  • Did Nancy ever convert to Judaism?
  • RJ sucks. Another kid who thinks his parents screwed him up by putting him on medication, when he probably really did need it. I’m sure there are over=medicated kids, but I think a lot of people don’t like the idea of medicine and decide they’re someone who was wrongfully diagnosed with something. They go off their meds, and then they’re all screwed up… because they’re not on their meds! Bad cycle.
  • Nancy got rid of the pot? She really IS new. But what are the odds that machine would just be turned on and not observed? A poodle could have walked into that! .. Yes, I fear for fictional poodles. That is the essence of me.

The episode was written by Stephen Falk. Good on him.