Don’t read unless you’ve already seen Weeds “Five Miles From Yetzer Hara” already, otherwise there’s spoilers.

weeds season 8

Everyone likes to shirk the law. In this episode, just about every character did it with glee.

Let’s start with our two main brothers… Because it’s pretty funny how much can change in a day. Silas went from loving his job to being discouraged, while Shane followed the opposite path. Both of them are at their happiest when breaking the law. Silas wants to go back to selling something (technically that’s in the next episode of Weeds) and Shane learned he can get a cut from repoed cars.

Nancy and Jill bonded, which was sweet. How much did you love that image of Nancy holding Jill’s hand while she sat in the non-coffin tub? They had such an honest conversation about their insecurities (being a bad mother, envying the other’s life, starting menopause, aging, their kids, their love lives) but I almost laughed. Why? Because suddenly they were “normal” Mom’s, venting to each other. I don’t think we’ve seen Nancy be that honest in a long time. And Jill has so much BS around her (she has such a la de dah approach to life, I think because she resents a lot) that it’s nice to see her break through the crap. They’re Moms and sisters and sometimes that simple truth is kinda great.

Of course, now instead of just Nancy breaking the law in Agrestic, it seems it may be both of them breaking the law in Old (New?) Sandwich. Which is full circle in a very interesting way. Instead of Nancy on her own, it’s a sister team now. And it makes me sad that the portrait of suburban housewives is that none of them stand a chance at making money or having happiness unless they mince the rules. (I mean, obviously I love this show, but I don’t like that message. Partly, because I’m worried some of it is true and I may end up in a similar spot someday!)

Speaking of full circle, I do love the little call-backs to earlier seasons. This time we had a mention of Pittsburgh.

So, Andy wants to be a father, of his own kid? I don’t buy that. I think he really just wants to be in deep love with whoever he has a baby with. I think that may have been his actual reason for turning down Jill in the end.

The Doug storyline was pretty dumb. I think we can all agree on that… But can we agree about the direction of the end of the series?

I’m not sure how Weeds is going to wrap up, finale-wise… what do you think? Will Nancy end up married to another Jewish man? (I can’t possibly see Nancy with Andy, but can you?) Will any of the Botwin’s start selling pot again? Will Nancy end up back in jail? Will Doug ever find a purpose to his life? Do you like the idea of being equal distance from bad and good? (I think there’s a slope towards what is easier, which kind of makes the bad choices seem closer.)

Weeds Season 8 Episode 8 “Five Miles From Yetzer Hara” Review. Episode written by David Holstein. Directed by Phil Abraham. Theme song cover by The Thermals.

P.S. Love the charming face of Andy Botwin? Justin Kirk has a new show on NBC this fall (“Animal Practice”) and the pilot was amazing.

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