In Weeds “A Beam of Sunshine” hospital clowns got a new, unusual reputation.

weeds a beam of sunshine

Nancy Botwin has changed! This is the biggest revelation of the episode. She had become the ultimate shrewd, selfish hardass… so it makes sense that it’s time for a change. And we surely can attribute it to her near-death experience and that “bump” on the head. I take a supreme joy in watching Mary-Louise Parker manipulate this character in a way that she’s still Nancy, but she’s such a different shade of her. It’s like she joined a cult and her new name is “Sunflower.”

Here’s a question I had …. If the hospital saw her giving out cookies to all those patients and then saw marijuana indicators show up in their pee (I do not know what the protocol is, but I suspect some urine is watched and it could have been discovered) wouldn’t that have been a really dumb thing for Nancy to do? Not even the mafia could protect her from a little more jail time. See, I can’t help but worry! I’m even worried about why she has a yellow fanny pack.

mary louise parker

Although, and we’re taking a detour here… I love the way Nancy’s half of her room was decorated (though they totally do not let you have such nice sheets like “Jaipur” by Echo design, I am positive), along with the general feel of what she was like in the hospital. We had wacky socks, bright colors everywhere, even the band-aid on her forehead was funky.

So… hot nurse thinks it’s a good idea to have sex with the overweight clown guy (with his makeup smeared still smeared on) in the hospital kitchen that reeks of onions? … In what reality would that happen?

Moving closer to home life, we have Jill and Andy. They’re happening. And they’re not just happening… they’re kind of working. Andy seems invested. Jill seems happy. But do you think Jill would have gone back to her husband if he hadn’t caught her cheating in the restaurant? I really don’t think she was going to. I think she’s really, really into Andy. And that’s… sweet.

No clue how Shane automatically knows that the shooter was Tim… but how you think Shane will retaliate? Will he use the law, or will he try the eye for an eye approach?

Weeds “A Beam of Sunshine” Review | Weeds Season 8

Photos: Michael Desmond/SHOWTIME

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