One whopping, serious question fell upon me while watching this Weeds season 7 episode. And I can’t believe it took me this many eps to ask it….

  • Why does Nancy love Shane enough to go to jail for him, but hate on him just enough that he feels unwanted and unloved? She all but tried to erase them from her lives after her stint in prison. And we can blame some of that on how prison is hard and changes a man (or woman) but Nancy really didn’t seem all that changed. She’s selfish. I can understand that. But I don’t understand her motherly, loving side. I don’t think she went to jail for Shane, as she’s mentioned that she did. She did it only because in that moment at the end of Weeds season 6 she needed to be taken into police custody. If that all hadn’t happened, I don’t think she would have taken the wrap. But, what do you think?
  • How will the solutions that Nancy and Silas came up with work out? Which one will actually work, rather? They conflict, so something’s going to be screwed and I’m betting on Nancy/The Police coming out on top. Sorry Silas, sorry Emma.

And I have another question…

  • Why did Pouncy House take all of that time and effort to put Andy’s bike shop on the ceiling? I don’t invest that kind of energy into the stuff that I’m supposed to do, never mind the stuff I’m doing randomly!

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