From Michelle Trachtenberg and her new character (Emma) to Silas’s motivations, the Weeds episode “Synthetics” left us wondering about a few things…

Weeds Season 7 Review Questions for “Synthetics”

1. Does Emma (Michelle Trachtenberg) already know Silas? She seemed intimate with him. And what are the chances of having had a stopover in Coppenhagen and remembering a billboard of a guy? Hunter Parish aka Silas may be good looking, but I don’t remember every good looking person I see in a magazine. And sometimes they’re taped all over my ceiling! (Kidding. I stopped doing that when I got a fancy bulletin board.)

2. Did the people in the van hear everything going on? If we could hear the music, does that mean that they could only hear the music? Or, does that mean that they could hear the music and everything very clearly even through the pillow? I wish they had clarified this a little more.

3. Was Silas being selfish and ungrateful in general, or does he have good reasons to be selfish? I suppose if I was trying to have an underground business I might want to keep it under the radar. But it really does suck that he can’t help out his uncle in a more open and friendly manner.

What questions did you have about this Weeds season 7 episode?

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