Did watching Silas Botwin (Hunter Parrish) beat the crap out of someone do anything for you? That, plus more (and less) relevant questions follow!

Weeds Season 7 Review Questions for “Vehement v. Vigorous”

What Ever Happened to Baby Silas?

What’s up with Silas? Is it just a lack of sleep and Red Bull? What did Heylia say to that boy? Is Silas so bored that he wants to actually be productive?

Nancy Likes Candyland

Does Nancy not worry about the risks she’s taking? How is she not in a constant state of panic? Breaking rules at the halfway house is tame compared to outing herself as a drug dealer to the head honcho at work, and then agreeing to spy on the company in exchange for her freedom. Oh, yea, I’m sure things will work out. This ain’t her first rodeo, so why is she being so careless?

Shane’s Got a Cupcake Daddy

Shane doesn’t just have a mentor or a new internship, he’s got a new father figure. And it’s walking a line between creepy and sweet. After all, Shane’s a murderer. This is how corrupt cops get into our systems! The real question is if Shane’s fake Dad could ever get him to turn on his real Mom. (We all saw how annoyed Silas gets when he’s called a mama’s boy.)


Are C list models really creating low level Fight Clubs in NYC? …Can I laugh, or is that too mean?

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